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The Bar

Swinging Rendezvous

The Bar will always have something in store for dance devotees who love to swing to the beat of life. It has an opulent dance floor where Members can brush up their hip-twirling techniques. A dazzling array of music serenades the vibrant venue throughout the night, complemented by a chic bar area where urbanites sit and unwind with a glass of wine.


3rd Floor

Nearest Lift:

Lift 8 & 9

If coming from the carpark, take Lift 7 (Blue Zone) and transfer at Level M

Nearest Lobby:

Main Lobby

Operating Hours:

Closed until further notice 

Cover Charge: 

$25 w/GST per person (includes one drink)

Dress Code:

  • No shorts, slippers or track shoes

  • For Men – No sandals or sleeveless t-shirts



No entry for children below 18 years of age.

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