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The Club offers two types of Memberships
Individual Membership
Corporate Membership
All categories of membership are currently closed. Individual Memberships are available from the open market.
For more information, please contact the Membership Processing Department at
6358 0012 or e-mail membership@rtc.com.sg
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Individual Memberships subscription fees are currently set at:
Principal Member S$80.00 + GST
Principal Member with Supplementary Card S$120.00 + GST
Corporate Memberships subscription fees are currently set at:
Principal Member S$80.00 + GST
Principal Member with Supplementary Card S$120.00 + GST
A Guest Fee currently set at S$5.00 + GST per guest will be charged for each facility utilized except for the Gym, which is reserved for members’ use only.
A Food and Beverage Deposit currently set at S$500.00 is required. The amount applies to all Members, whether with or without Supplementary Membership.
The privileges and use of the facilities herein stated are subject to the Club's Rules and Regulations as amended from time to time, at the Management's absolute discretion. The Management may at anytime in its absolute discretion, add, vary or revoke any Bye-Laws. All Rules, Regulations and Bye-Laws shall be binding on Members and their Nominees.
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A Supplementary Member shall be the legal spouse or fiancé/fiancée, age 21 years and above, of the Principal Member. A Supplementary Member is accorded the same privileges as the Principal Ordinary Member and subject to the Rules, Regulations and Bye-Laws in the same manner as the Principal Ordinary Member.
A Member’s Spouse who does not hold a Supplementary Card and Members’ Children (above 18 years of age) are included in the term “Guests”.
They must be accompanied by the Member when on the Club’s premises
They will be subject to the Rules and Regulations and Bye-Laws which are applicable to Guests unless specifically stated otherwise.
The Guest Fee set by the Management will apply to the Member’s spouse who is not a Supplementary Member and Non-Member's children above 12 years of age. Member’s children below 18 years of age will not be charged with a Guest Fee.

Membership cards are issued to all Members as identification cards. Membership cards must be produced at any time when requested by the Club's employees and for the use of any facility on the Club's premises, or for security reasons.

Membership cards are not transferable. Members who are unable to produce their membership cards may be refused entry into the Club and the use of any facility.

Membership cards must be returned to the Club's Membership Department upon termination or transfer of membership.

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